ABOUT ALFA (Al Fattouh Factory For aluminum)

Al Fattouh for aluminum accessories and weatherstrips (ALFA) is a Saudi Arabia's leading producer of weathersealing technology products for windows and doors.The product description is a strips to prevent from dust.This product is use by most aluminum fabricating factories as this strips can be installed in window channels and sometimes in doors to prevent dust and air not to come inside.The product at a very high international speciifcationStandard of quality at different sizes in order to be easy while installation.
Weather Strip
ALFA woven pile weather - stripping is used to help prevention of air infiltration and water penetration and reduce the passage of dust, light, sound and smoke through the window or door. Low co-efficient of friction makes woven pile weather - stripping particularly suitable for sliding windows anddoors but woven pile weather - stripping is also excellent for compression applications in top-hung, side-hung, hopper, other casement and tilt and turn windows and doors when fitted into suitable grooves. It is suitable for Aluminum, PVC-u and composite windows and doors. ALFA woven pile weatherstripping is produced using woven fabrics from multi-filament polypropylene yarns to give maximum sealing performance. They have extended service life due to the strength, elongation factor and durability of the high quality polypropylene materials used in the weaving construction