silicone rubber compound based on acetic acid, with ideal application characteristics
and excellent adhesion.
application temperature: +5 °C to +35 °C (+41 °F to +95 °F ambient temperature)
UV resistant
free of solvents, halogens and isocyanates
stays elastic after curing
strong resistance against weather, UV and ageing
excellent adhesion on glass, ceramics, enamel and galvanized metals
resistance against usual household cleaners and disinfectants
Tiles, aluminium, galvanized metals, enamel, glass
Due to the acetic character some metals (copper, lead, messing, zinc, iron) can be
attacked. In these applications we recommend the use of SILIRUB 2.
Do not use this sealant on natural stones such as marble as discoloration and adhesion
failure may occur. Use Soudal Silirub MA instead.
Avoid contact with bitumen, tar or other materials issuing plasticizers such as EPDM,
neoprene, butyl,… because there is reason of discoloration and adhesion failure.
Contact between this sealant and the primary sealants of double glazed insulation windows
or the PVB film of security glass should be avoided.
Not suitable for use with polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE.
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