We are dealing all the major products from the below list.    more pictures
Building Materials & Construction Materials
Various types of sealants, Injection materials, PVC & Rubber Water stops, Joint filers and aluminum tapes, Geotextile membranes; Concrete Blocks and Bricks, White brick for construction. Wood & Ply Wood. Repair materials, Floorings, Waterproofing membranes and protection boards, Various types of Bonding Agents and Adhesives.Surface treatment and curing compounds, Grouts,etc.
Safety Products
First Aid kit, Rain coat, Gum boots, Safety harness, Chin guard, Self breathing apparatus, Safety glass, Ear muffs, Chemical gloves, Nylon ropes, Duct tape, Masking tapes, Eye wash, Eye wash station, Chain links, All types of safety signs, Respirators, Dust Mask, Ear Plugs, Fire Blankets, Coverall, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm, Smoke Detectors,Hard Hat, Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, etc.
Packing & Insulation Materials
Stainless steel strips, Asbestos Tape, Aluminum Tapes, Customs Tapes Material, Bubble wrap material and Heat Insulation material. Fiber glass wool, Wrapping material, Fire Blankets, Thermo Cool items,etc.
Welding/Cutting & Machine Tools
Grinding Stone, Drill Bits, Tapes, Dyes, Earth Holder, Sanding disc, Buffer wheels, Sharpening stone, Welding cables, Nozzles, Tip cleaner, Regulators & Gauges, Welding sleeve, Tig welding rods, Chipping hammer, Welding leg guard etc. Scrappers, Drill Bits, (HSS, SS, SDS etc) Thread machines, Hole saw cute,Cutting & Welding, Torch, Welding Helmets, Goggles, face shields, Aprons, Welding Electrodes, Electrode holder, Oxygen & Acetylene Equipment, Welding Tips, Cutting Disc, Grinding Disc, etc.
Emery paper rolls, Grinding Disc /Stainless Steel, Cutting & Grinder Disc, Cutting wheels, Wire brush, cup wire brush, Buffer wheels, Caster wheels etc. Masking tape, Duct tapes, PVC packing tapes, Fiber glass tapes, Silicone, Insulation gun, Caulking Gun, and Aluminum tape,etc.
Lifting Equipments
Snatch Block, Lever Hoist, Web Slings, Lifting Slings, Wire slings (Single Legged & Timble eye) Wire rope, Wire rope slings, polyester rope, chain host, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pallet jacks, Self locking hooks, All types of shackles, Eye hook, Swivel hook ( from 1 Ton to 20 Tons), Self locking hooks, Weighing scale, etc.
Hoses & Rubber sheets
Air hose (high pressure) Hydraulic hoses, Steam Hoses, Suction Hose, Fire Hose, Radiator Hoses, Welding twin hoses red/green (rubber/PVC), Wire braided Hydraulic Hose (HB01B) wire spiral Hydraulic Hose (HS01, 2 & 3), Synthetic Rubber Hose single wire Braids (HB05) or Refuel Hose (used for oil & weather Resistant) and Other hose Accessories, Rubber sheets & Neoprene sheets, PVC hose, PVC flexible pipe,etc.
Metal products
Mild steel round bars, Flat bars, Stainless steel bars, Bronze bar, I/H beams, Chequered, Plates, Galvanized, sheets, Aluminum door & Wind accessories sheets, Metal Pipes, Galvanized pipe. Expanded metal lath and accessories Structural steel,etc.